In-House Diagnostics

Cutting-Edge In-House Diagnostics

We leverage advanced in-house diagnostic capabilities to ensure swift and accurate assessments of your pet’s health.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic suite includes digital radiography, medical sonography (ultrasound), and a fully-equipped in-house laboratory, all aimed at providing comprehensive and immediate insights into your pet’s well-being.


Digital Radiography

Precision Diagnosis

Our digital radiography technology facilitates precise diagnostics for various health conditions, including broken bones and internal injuries. The computerized images produced boast exceptional contrast and magnification, offering clearer and more detailed insights compared to traditional radiographs.

Efficiency and Speed

Digital radiographs are processed quickly, allowing for almost immediate viewing. This significantly reduces the time your pet needs to be restrained during the diagnostic process.

In cases requiring anesthesia, a light sedative is administered, and a registered technician ensures your pet’s safety until full recovery. All radiographs are stored digitally, contributing to a seamless viewing experience and easy integration into your pet’s digital history. Additionally, images can be instantly transferred to specialty hospitals via email when needed.


Medical Sonography (Ultrasound)

Non-Invasive Soft Tissue Imaging

Our medical sonography, or ultrasound, provides a non-invasive approach to visualize and evaluate soft tissue. This diagnostic tool is instrumental in monitoring the progress of pregnancies in dogs and cats, as well as diagnosing conditions such as liver or kidney disease.

No Sedation, No Recovery

Most sonography procedures do not require sedation, and there is no recovery period. This enhances the overall experience for your pet, ensuring a stress-free diagnostic process.


In-House Laboratory

Comprehensive Blood Analysis

Our trained technician assistants perform a wide range of blood analyses in our in-house lab, including full organ profiles, complete blood cell counts, heartworm antigen detection, and Feline Leukemia tests.

Microscopic Examinations

Our lab is equipped for microscopic examinations of urine and fecal samples, tissue cytology, and ectoparasite detection. For more in-depth diagnostics, we also have the capability to send samples to external labs.

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