Advanced Surgical Expertise

Shenandoah Veterinary Hospital proudly offers a comprehensive array of surgeries, ranging from routine spaying and neutering in Martinsburg to intricate orthopedic repairs and tumor removals.

Our esteemed team of doctors is proficient in performing advanced surgical procedures, including cranial cruciate ligament stabilizations in dogs and periurethrostomies in cats.


State-of-the-Art Surgical Facilities

Dual Surgical Suites

We boast two sterile surgical suites, each equipped with three operating tables to accommodate a diverse range of surgical procedures. Our cutting-edge facilities are designed to meet the highest standards of surgical excellence.

Advanced Instrumentation

Both surgical suites are outfitted with the latest surgical instruments, ensuring precision and efficacy in every procedure. Our commitment to quality extends to surgical monitoring equipment, which evaluates pulse rate, rhythm, and respiration quality.

Anesthesia Expertise

Our anesthesia machines are state-of-the-art, providing optimal safety and control during surgeries. We prioritize the well-being of your pets, and our filtered air systems contribute to a sterile and secure environment.


Innovative Surgical Laser Technology

Recommended Laser Utilization

In most surgeries, we strongly advocate for the use of our surgical laser. This cutting-edge technology cauterizes blood vessels and nerve endings as it cuts tissue, resulting in minimal bleeding, swelling, and post-operative pain.

Pain Management Priority

Ensuring the utmost comfort for our patients is our top priority. Rigorous pain management protocols are implemented post-surgery, and our vigilant monitoring guarantees that all patients experience a smooth and pain-free recovery.

Convenient and Caring Procedures

Planned surgeries such as spaying and neutering in Martinsburg are conducted in the morning, facilitating same-day returns for the majority of our patients. This approach optimizes recovery and minimizes any potential stress for your beloved pets.

At Shenandoah Veterinary Hospital, our commitment to surgical excellence, coupled with advanced technology and compassionate care, ensures that your pets receive the highest standard of surgical services for a swift and comfortable recovery.

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